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people case study

workforce development


(L) Team members were given four variables for assessing their current work tasks. (R) Based on workflow changes, team members could identify three transition paths; Pause, Weave, or Stride.

Original State

Rapid growth drove changes to the formal organizational structure as well as most work streams leaving many team members unclear on their duties and their relationships to other team members.

Unmet Opportunity

By creating a unified discussion for both organizational and individual change, there was an opportunity to strengthen culture, effectiveness, and peer-to-peer relationships.


Design Response

Through a combination of individual reflection, small group discussions, and facilitated coaching, each team member created their own Personal Transition Plan to guide them from their previous role into a new one aligned with the new organizational structure and work streams. A peer-to-peer coaching program was designed to support team members and keep them engaged during their individual transitions.

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