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people case study

org structure design

A new “org chart” clarifying roles and relationships between roles.

Original State

As the company emerged from “start-up,” staff members struggled to establish their roles because work tasks were disintegrated across different time horizons, different stakeholders, and different tools.


Unmet Opportunity

The firm was “rich” in human capital. All that was missing were the “invisible partitions” to group discrete tasks into coherent roles and match those with team members possessing the best skills for success.

Design Response

The facilitated design response began with leadership discussions about organizational “outcomes.” (What is the company trying to achieve?) From there, tactics were developed. (In order to achieve those outcomes, what would the organization need to do?) Lastly, formal roles within a reporting structure were created to optimize the current staff’s skillsets and to identify needs for future hires. Leadership held one-on-one discussions with staff members throughout the design and change process which contributed positively to retaining key staff members.

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