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By leveraging your existing internal assets through collaborative, team-led processes I can help your organization realign its activities and talent to realize its fullest potential. My background as a business founder and owner enables me to understand the real-world details of operations, financial management, and the importance of high-quality client service. I can apply three decades of design experience to engage your people in visualizing a future state and creating their own roadmap to get there. My ability as a researcher and storyteller enables me to boil down complex challenges to essential narratives, enabling process simplification and clear pathways to action. Whether your current challenges are being driven by rapid growth, disconnects with your customers, or ineffective internal work flows, I can help your organization reconnect with its true purpose and create its own relevant future.

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Charles Renner | renNE@W

3501 N. Southport Ave.


Chicago, IL 60657

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