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Any small or mid-sized service business that values long-term relationships with its customers needs to move through pivotal developmental crossroads without being constrained by its current structure, tools, and culture. All processes become obsolete at some point and must be renovated or replaced to sustain an organization’s vitality and growth. The sensation of losing control of your organizations’ future will not go away on its own. The resources offered below may help you identify your current challenge and suggest some initial steps in overcoming them.

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The Importance of Doing Work That Matters [Read]


Don’t Fix The Problem! Redesign The Future! with co-author Benjamin Warsinske [Read]


Why You Need an “Entrepreneur for Hire,” with co-author Abby Dryer [Read]


Four Competencies to Find Clarity Within Chaos, with co-author Karrie Chitwood [Read]


Discovering Your Brand is Your Hero’s Journey, with co-author Benjamin Warsinske [Read]


Four Steps To Effective Change Management - Part 2, with co-author Abby Dryer [Read]

Why Change Management Is A Big Deal - Part 1, with co-author Abby Dryer [Read]

Two Reasons Why The Best Talent Can’t Find You [Read]


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Five Things That Take Your Business Off Course [Read]


Effectiveness as a Risk Mitigation Strategy [Read]


The Human Implications of Misalignment [Read]

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