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products case study

customer touchpoints

(L) Customer communication where the intended message is visually obscured by source data. (R) Revised graphics emphasizing customer value.

Original State

Customer Annual Reports to summarize financial achievements of the previous year were very detailed. However, the metrics were visually obscured in data charts and pertinent insights were “lost in translation” thereby diminishing the report’s potential impact and relevance.


Unmet Opportunity

Delivering a significant piece of annual collateral to each customer creates an important “touchpoint” opportunity that, if more fully-realized, could provide more value to customers and become a stronger brand communication vehicle for the firm.


Design Response

The Annual Report was redesigned to fulfill the two-part opportunity. First, performance graphics were simplified to communicate customer value more succinctly. Second, a new content section was added for the firm to highlight innovative services and to articulate a stronger brand message. Customers responded overwhelmingly positively to the redesigned report format and content.

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